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English 205: Calendar

Page history last edited by Sarah Peterson 14 years, 5 months ago
Date Readings Asssignments

F 8/29  



M 9/1 

Labor Day


W 9/3 

Poetry: Reading, Responding, Writing (Norton, 1-26)

Free Writing

F 9/5 

Close Reading: Tennyson, “Ulysses” (N, 576) 


M 9/8 

Chapter One: “Tone” (27-37) 

Browning, “Porphyria’s Lover” (N, 529)
Williams, "This is Just To Say" (143)

Free Writing

W 9/10 

Chapter Two: “Speaker” (68-79)
Lorde, “Hanging Fire” (N, 79-80)
Whitman, “[I celebrate myself, and sing myself]” (N, 82)
Plath, “Mirror” (N, 86)
Duffy, “Mrs. Midas” (N, 90)  


F 9/12

Close Reading: Eliot “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” (N, 538)  recording


M 9/15 

Chapter Three: “Situation and Setting” (93-105)
Marvell, “To His Coy Mistress” (N, 106-7)

Free Writing 

W 9/17

“Times” and “Places”
Shakespeare, “Full Many a glorious morning have I seen” (N, 114)
Collins, “Morning” (N, 116)
Plath, “Morning Song” (N, 115)
Bogan, “Evening in the Sanitarium”(119-20)
Walcott, “Midsummer” (124)
Oliver, “Singapore” (126)


F 9/19 

Close Reading: Wordsworth, “Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey” (N, 587)  


M 9/22 

Chapter Four “Language” (129-140)
Muldoon, “Errata” (141)
Dickinson, “[I dwell in possibility]” (142)
Williams, “The Red Wheelbarrow” (142)

Free Writing 

W 9/24 

"Versification" (e-reserve) 

Recitation 1 Due

F 9/26 

Close Reading: Stevens, “The Idea of Order at Key West” (568)


M 9/29 

“Picturing” (153-65)

Shelley, “On Looking at Leonardo’s Medusa” (online)
Tennyson, “Mariana"(online) illustration

 "The Lady of Shalott" illustration
Lowell, “Patterns” (online)

Homo-linguistic Translation Due

W 10/1 "Metaphor and Simile” (165-172)
Shakespeare, “[Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?]” (173)
Boland, “An Elegy for My Mother in Which She Scarcely Appears” (N, 179),
Dickinson, “[Wild Nights – Wild Nights!]” (182)
Pound, "In the Station of the Metro" (567)
F 10/3 “Symbol” (183-191)
Rich, “Diving into the Wreck" (193-5)
M 10/6 Peer Editing Draft Due
W 10/8 Chapter Five: “The Sounds of Poetry” (199-212)
Poe, “The Raven” (212-14)
Roethke, “The Waking”
F 10/10 Poetry and Sound cont Paper 1 Due
M 10/13 Fall Break  
W 10/15 Chapter Six: Internal Structure” (231-242)
Williams, “The Dance” (246-7)
Pinsky, “Poem with Lines in Any Order (Poem)” (253-4)
F 10/17 Close Reading: Ashbery, “Paradoxes and Oxymorons” (526)
M 10/20 Chapter Seven: “External Form” (255-61)
D.G. Rossetti, “A Sonnet is a Moment’s Monument” (162)
Keats, “On the Sonnet” (261-2)
C. Rossetti, “In an Artist’s Studio” (267)
Brooks, “First Fight. Then Fiddle” (270)
Collins, “Sonnet” (273)
W 10/22 “Stanza Forms” (274-78)
Bishop, “One Art” (online)
F 10/24 Close Reading:
Shelley, “Ode to the West Wind” (244-6)
M 10/27 “The Way a Poem Looks” (280-88)
Mahon, “The Window” (online)
Other Poems TBD
W 10/29 Library  
F 10/31

Close Reading: Blake, from Songs of Innocence and Experience (online)


M 11/3

Chapter Nine: “Exploring Context” (303-309)

Owen, “Dulce et Decorum Est” (310-11)
Heaney, “Punishment” (313-4)
Bishop, “Exchanging Hats” (321-22)
Browning, “My Last Duchess” (329-30)
Brooks, “To the Diaspora” (529)
Williams, “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” (online)
Auden, “Musee des Beaux Arts” (295)

W 11/5

John Keats (342-355)


F 11/7

Close Reading:

Duffy, "Mrs. Sisyphus" (218-219)(wiki)

Duffy, "Mrs. Midas" (90-91)

Duffy, "Elvis's Twin Sister" (online)


MARBL Presentation Group 1

(Duffy) wiki

M 11/10 Chapter Eleven: Literary Tradition as Context (382-409)  
W 11/12

“Cultural Belief and Tradition” (410-420)

Walcott, “Dry Season” (517); from Omeros 38 (e-reserve)
Muldoon, “Meeting the British”

F 11/14

Seamus Heaney, "Punishment" (313)

                         "Bog Queen"

Close Reading: "Strange Fruit"

MARBL Presentation Group 2

(Heaney) wiki

M 11/17 “Cultural and Historical Contexts: The Harlem Renaissance” (432-442) Proposal for Research Paper 
W 11/19 Essays (442-464)  
F 11/21

Close Reading: Langston Hughes

"The Weary Blues" 436

Wiki: "The Negro Speaks of Rivers"

MARBL Presentation Group 3

(L. Hughes) wiki

M 11/24

Chapter Thirteen: Sylvia Plath (466-470)
“Barren Woman” (563)
“Black Rook in Rainy Weather” (564-5)
“Lady Lazarus” (565-67)

"Morning Song"

W 11/26 No Class  
F 11/28 Thanksgiving  
M 12/1 Chapter Fourteen: The Process of Creation (497-507)  
W 12/3 Draft Workshop Draft of Research Paper 
F 12/5

Close Reading: TBD by Group 4

"Thought Fox" by Ted Hughes

Wiki: "Daddy" by Silvia Plath

MARBL Presentation Group 4


M 12/8

Concluding Thoughts

Final Draft "Stings" (Plath)

Typed draft "Stings" (Hughes)

Final "The Bee God" (Hughes)

F 12/12 Paper 2 Due  



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